Verified CBD Oils

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  • THC not detected
  • Safe and effective for use 
  • Organically grown in USA (3rd party certified)
  • Approximately 115mg CBD per every ml (30 servings per bottle)
  • 300 mg (1%)

  • 750 mg (2.5%)

  • 1500 mg (5%)

  • 3500 mg (12%)

In general, the cannabinoid is mostly represented by CBD oils. That is why you can always purchase oil drops if you are searching for some typical and uncomplicated mode of CBD intake. The most pleasant thing about CBD oils is the fact that they are suitable for both experienced CBD users and those who are just getting to know this product. Verified CBD is a testament to that. Specifically, their cannabinoid oil drops are available in different concentrations which are shown below:

  • 300 mg (1%)
  • 750 mg (2.5%)
  • 1500 mg (5%)
  • 3500 mg (12%)

As it becomes apparent from the percentages mentioned above, 300 mg is the tiniest potency and can be a remedy for anxiety and stress. Regarding the highest strength, it can be applied to deal with serious health conditions or to treat chronic pain. But keep in mind that the strongest potency is only available for the USA clients.

All oils are available in natural flavor only, so these oils are perfect for those allergic to artificial flavors or just willing to experience the natural taste. And if you wish to enjoy the fullest range of CBD properties, you can choose full-spectrum tinctures anytime. It comes in only 300 mg potency but is free of mind-altering THC. It can come in handy while dealing with stress, maintaining focus, and supporting calm.

6 reviews for Verified CBD Oils

  1. Joseph

    I have to admit I was sceptical about whether this would show up, despite the reviews, but it arrived next day. Incredible service!

    I badly broke my leg playing football 5 years ago and after 3 botched operations I’m in constant pain. This has relieved the pain nicely, I’m delighted!


  2. Buddha

    Good stuff but I wish they had some sour diesel. It’s my favorite

  3. Cross

    Great flavor. I can’t wait to try some of the other strains

  4. Jim

    Browny Scout is great for both relaxing & insomnia. Unlike most strains I use for sleep this isn’t sedative, but allows me to fall asleep if I want. I have really bad anxiety & nothing but specific strains of weed helps. I really didn’t try getting high off this beyond a light high, so not sure how higher doses hit.

  5. William Lloyd

    This strain Space Monkey, is joyful. Yet I feel very relaxed. No negative stuff

  6. Erwin

    Lemon Cream Diesel (LCD) – CBG dominant strain A little about me & the conditions I was looking to treat before I dive in: I’m a 37 yr old paraplegic/hemiplegic female with untreated ADHD & Chronic Insomnia/Fatigue as well as generalized Anxiety Disorder & Chronic Pain that I also grudgingly take Rx meds for. First impressions: I was blown away by the smell alone! Very loud, distinct lemon and citrus notes followed by something creamy with a touch of gassiness. CBG is a little drier by nature but I didn’t notice any harshness to the smoke at all. I generally use a water pipe when smoking LCD flower – usually about 2-3 bowls and I’m Golden. Within a few minutes I’m calm, have some much needed energy and am able to stay focused without much effort. Creativity flows freely and I tend get a lot of artistic projects started, worked on or finished without getting super distracted. It’s also helped a good bit with my chronic pain – an unexpected benefit! I recently rolled a cone with about ⅔ of a gram and was very calm, relaxed and not in much pain at all but I did notice quite a surge of energy after about 30-45 minutes and I ended up cleaning my whole kitchen and put away a few days worth of clean laundry. If I’d had an art project in the works it definitely would have been finished! No complaints here, but I’d caution consuming too much until you’re familiar with the effects it has on you personally, especially in the evening. This is now my go-to wake up strain. Coffee seems to add an extra kick, especially for energy & focus. For now, I’m sticking with my beaker bong bowls in the morning and early afternoon until I find a reliable CBD strain to mix it with to keep me from going a little overboard with the extra energy and creativity flow. CBG dominant strains are absolutely amazing for my needs and I can’t wait to try more strains in the very near future. The CBG-10 pre-rolls are also great but not as strong effects wise as the LCD imho. I can’t fully express how much CBG has changed my life in a relatively short period of time. If you’re in the fence, I highly recommend giving Lemon Cream Diesel a try, you won’t be disappointed.

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