Sour Jack

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This plant contains lime green colored nugs which are calyx-shaped with curlier orange-colored trichomes all over the flowers. The acute sour odor of this strain is the signature aroma of Sour Jack. This would give the users the blend of lemony and fuel aromas combined with the hints of menthol and pine

6 reviews for Sour Jack

  1. John

    I bought a half oz of this Cbd flower. It’s actually really good and the price is awesome. The half was only cost $80 and they had free shipping!

  2. Crisp

    I love how good this stuff tastes and that it doesn’t make me feel lazy or tired at all. Very good effects

  3. Niles

    Very tasty cookies and effective too😋👍

  4. Niles

    on March 9th, 2020

    I wasn’t sure what to expect with this cbd flower. I was really surprised how much it tastes like regular flower. It has pretty potent effects to

  5. Helen

    Good mellow high that helped with the pain

  6. Grey

    Dankness! Super mellow buzz and tastes fantastic! Will def check out some other products.

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