Endoca CBD Hemp Oil (20%)

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Endoca 20% CBD Hemp Oil contains 2000 mg of CBD per 10 ml pack. This is a High Strength CBD Product.

This decarboxylated (DC) 20% CBD Hemp Oil by Endoca is an unfiltered, thick, organic concentrate containing 2000 mg of CBD and all of the plant’s natural waxes and other compounds. It’s vegan friendly too!

This extract is produced with the use of very gentle heat and CO2, the heat transforming the CBD-A into CBD (decarboxylation) for easier absorption by the body. Consuming this highly concentrated oil is like eating a gently-heated hemp plant containing all the molecules from the original plant.

Endoca CBD products are produced to strict pharmaceutical standards with testing and assessment carried out out by an independent laboratory. Its own team of scientists, herbalists and nutritionists ensure the goal of the highest standards possible.

Start with 1 grain 3 x per day and increase until the sweet spot is found, up to 5 grains 3 x a day.

7 reviews for Endoca CBD Hemp Oil (20%)

  1. Edward

    A really great service, simple to use and very trustworthy.
    You get emails to confirm your order is being processed and also when it has been dispatched. They are always quick to respond to any queries, I would recommend them to anyone.

  2. Anthony

    Great service, really pleased with what i bout from them.

  3. Chateaubriand

    Picked up this in RSO applicator a full gram. Roughly 76% THC. Method is dabbing, yes you can dab it. Even has a great metal tip to dab with. When dabbing RSO it’s never the best tasting. However there is a certain icky taste associated with the strain. It’s not terrible though. This strain has helped keep my migraine at bay, it’s also giving me mild cough lock. Would recommend for severe pain.

  4. Shirin

    Candyland was the 3rd strain ive tried from Blacktie and needless to say it didnt disappoint. The buds are highly resinous, sticky, and smell absolutely AMAZING!! The effects come on very quickly and give a great clear headed relaxation while still being uplifting. Before finding BlackTie CBD I was taking 2 different medications for anxiety and panic attacks. Since using BLACKTie’s CBD products I have completely come off of one of my medications and have been able to cut the dosage of my other medication in half. I honestly never thought I would ever find anything natural to control this terrible condition. Thank you BlackTie CBD for literally changing my

  5. Neil

    Very relaxing strain, nice smoke. Will be getting this one again.

  6. Hermann

    Good with pain, for daytime use.

  7. Friedrich

    Suffer from extreme anxiety take xanex for ptsd I don’t smoke marijuana but a trip to Oregon made me realize this flower that’s almost all cbd and I smoked and I didn’t take my xanex the whole time I was out there. It took all my anxiety away chest pain panic. I could feel it disappear within 10 min. We don’t have this where I live and I wish we did because I would not take any other meds! Very impressed only downfall was the electric lettuce charged me for 4 quarters instead of an oz.

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