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What Is the Strawberry Cough Cannabis Strain?

Classified genetically as a sativa (with an 80% sativa and 20% indica makeup), Strawberry Cough is said to be a crossbreed between Strawberry Fields and a mysterious old-school staple Haze strain, although there is much speculation concerning the facts of how this potent sativa came to be.

Its honest origins don’t really matter, because the high quality of Strawberry Cough is remarkable and unmissable, surprising and astounding all those who try it – even marijuana consuming veterans.

Those who have given it a go become completely hooked. With an immense THC quantity, well-grown Strawberry Cough buds have been rated at 15-26% THC composition in conducted lab tests. While not as high as some other strains, this is still more than suitable for those who hope to be left with profound feelings of elation and euphoria, while at the same time gaining sizable amounts of energy and melting any fatigue or tiredness away — usually in just 10-15 minutes.

Buy Strawberry Cough online , Flavor, and Appearance

Much as the name implies, the overall aroma of Strawberry Cough is predominantly, well… strawberry; reminiscent of fresh summer berries growing in a country field. Some undertones also peak through the scent profile with hints of earth and skunk, which might be why this marijuana strain tends to cause coughing after it has been inhaled.

The flavor is similar to the aroma, aside from a few subtle differences. The overall taste is, of course, rich in fruity strawberries, but hints of earth also present themselves, similar to when you eat a berry picked straight from the dirt.

The aftertaste is a bit herbal and spicy, which will usually linger inside the mouth long after the smoke has cleared. Your taste buds will become especially pleased with this flavor profile, as the strawberry is not only tasty but also very sweet and sugary, satisfying even the most extreme sweet tooths out there.

Medical Benefits of Strawberry Cough

Furthermore, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, PTSD, seasonal affective disorder, and paranoia can improve and develop a lessening of negative symptoms with the help of Strawberry Cough. Those with mental conditions should begin by consuming a small dose of this strain, working their way up in dosage as they better understand how the plant is affecting them.

Strains with high potencies of THC can sometimes impact those with mental disorders negatively, which is why it is important to check in regularly with yourself if you fall under this category. Within the physical realm, Strawberry Cough can also be of assistance. It has a profound ability to tackle fatigue, pain, and nausea.

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6 reviews for Buy Strawberry Cough Online

  1. Alexander

    Delicious, relaxing product and professional service. Reminds me of the nice calming smoke from the old days. 100% trustworthy and reliable, I’m getting more tomorrow!

  2. Sparky

    Very quick and easy to order very satisfied.

  3. Chaplin

    I had to to make an leaflet account after reading the disrespect directed towards the HASH HAZE. For the price E for excellent. Perfect to relax, let’s say going out to lunch when a light mellow high is needed. Light citrus smell and taste. Fluffy texture that haze been kno to pretty high while writing the review yea. Good buy

  4. Dylan

    I just recently found out about CBD flowers and after doing some research found that Black Tie is one of the top vendors. So I decided to try a few strains from them and this is one of my favorites so far. I’ve suffered with a Panic Disorder for the past 8 yrs and have had to take meds daily for it. I was excited to put the flowers to the test and what I found is amazing! Candyland is fast acting and stopped a episode I was having, nothing else has ever been able to stop an attack except for my prescription! It smokes smooth and looks nice, the buds are full of trichromes and there’s no dryness. It smells like some dank. The flowers come in glass jars and are shipped inside a vaccum sealed bag. Fast shipping too and great communication. What a amazing find! I cant wait to try more flowers and see what else Black Tie has to offer.

  5. Buckminster

    The ironic thing about this is despite the name, it doesn’t make me feel elevated but knocks me out. Which is fine, I have some Post-traumatic stress and Skywalker OG calms me down. Though it’s hard to get up out of the couch when I’m high on this.

  6. Barbara

    Very, very smooth draws.. Almost has a cedar taste.. Very strong head and body high, yet you can completely remain functioning…

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