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Buy Purple Haze Online is a name used to describe a specific variety of clearly purple Marijuana. In fact, this name was originally used to describe a type of LSD that was sold in the 60s and 70s impregnated with a purple blotting paper. Later, this marijuana strain has gained this famous name thanks to its high potency and high concentration of crystals.

was apparently originated in Colombia from which it was obtaneid and standardized from the epic Haze strain of the Haze Brothers and Sam The Skunkman. Besides it immense potency, it stands out for the color it acquires when exposed to low temperatures during the flowering period. In fact, the leaves and calyxes change from a dark green to a lavender blue color or to a very intense violet/purple color.

However, the story of Purple Haze marijuana changed dramatically at the precise moment when this glorified term was used in the song of Jimi Hendrix. The majority of the people believed the song has been created around the story of this super-potent LSD created by Owsley Stanley and not by the story of this cannabis specimen.

Nonetheless, Stanley named this LSD “Purple Monterey” in anticipation of waiting for the Monterey Pop Festival during which Hendrix would presumably consume either marijuana or LSD before taking the stage. In this way, it remains unclear whether the name of Purple Haze comes from one or the other.

This dream was clearly inspired by “Night of Light” a science-fiction novel from Philip José Farmer which uses the term “Buy Purple Haze Online”. Jimi explained that in his dream, a purple haze surrounded him and wrapped him in it until he was lost.

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6 reviews for Buy Purple Haze Online

  1. William

    Not as strong as from a local farmer but absolutely does the job (cheese and skunk)
    Will continue to use when I get stuck

  2. Anderson

    Purchased a gram of Berry Haze on Friday morning and it arrived on Saturday morning! Breezy transaction.

    At first I was skeptical after trying CBD oil and not noticing any change. But soon as I rolled a joint of this I immediately felt the benefits, more relaxed and clear minded without any of the brain fog I tend to get with THC.

    Overall great product, love what you are doing and can clearly see the dedication to CBD and the business. Keep on keeping on! Also feel valued by how swift and honest the customer service is, very helpful and friendly.

    Look forward to purchasing more strains and seeing more added in future.


  3. William Ellery

    This is without a doubt the worst strain I’ve ever purchased from a medical marijuana dispensary. The smell is chemically minty. The taste is like dried grass with a very harsh smoke. The first medical strain I’ve tried that almost always gives me a headache. This was the last thing left on the menu after flower was delivered to my local dispensary, and its obvious why. No one should have to experience this. This strain is an embarrassment to medical marijuana. I made an account specifically to make this review.

  4. Wayne

    This strain is awesome taste just like candy

  5. Erich

    All I can say is wow. I snagged this for a good ticket, read the reviews here & it’s all true. Best strain I’ve had thus far.

  6. Kruk

    Well balanced high. Not too potent and good for pain. Kinda a creeper but worth the wait.

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