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Buy Malana Hash Cream Online

Buy Malana Hash Cream Online. It’s the type of resin that gets stuck under your nails and almost dissolves into the skin on your fingers. Few fibers and hairs to remove made this ready to smoke.

Malana Hash Cream, buy malana hash online, order malana hash online, malana cream for sale online look Very dark and oily. Man, this shit is sticky-icky! Malana Hash Cream, We were told by the owner this was so “gooey” that we’d be better off throwing it in the fridge for a wee bit before tryin’ to roll a spliff. Few fibers and hairs to remove made this ready to smoke.


Lightly peppermint with bits of a barbecue and burned wood. A nice and unique touch here is the soft and sweet herbal smell, much like fennel tea (venkel thee). It smells delicious.


A bit minty and “charred” like the smell would indicate. It leaves a bit of a numb feeling on the back of the throat, and has you reaching for a cool bevvie from the juice bar of some sort…


Great flava, it’s a choice for those who after some nice Indian without too much contaminant. The oil content is too squidgy for words! Good choice.

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7 reviews for Buy Malana Hash Cream Online

  1. Noah

    Arrived within a few days. Postman could smell it but only let it through coz it was for me. You might need to work on your packaging (although it was inside a few packets) in a paper envelope. Not bad for the price

  2. Tori

    Super quick delivery. Paid on Sunday, here on Tuesday. Packaged as promised and all is fine with the world. Cheers

  3. Raymond

    Felt paranoia in the beginning, but pain immediately disappeared; Body felt like jello. After about 20 minutes, paranoia went away and I felt relaxed. Definitely is a creeper! The taste was nice as well

  4. Leonardo

    I really like this cbd flower. I especially like how it makes me feel. Good but not all high or nothing. Good stuff

  5. Friedman

    I have a lot of pain issues chronic pain and this is kick-ass going tonight

  6. Gorky

    This has a smell that is hard to define for me. Dirt…coffee..something else. After grinding I agree with another reviewer; diesel and cat piss, and still smells awesome, which defies explanation. But vaping it doesn’t hit immediately but I felt it envelope me like a warm blanket. Nice and I didn’t want to eat a whole cow after. Good buzz from 11%. Little couch lock and didn’t crash immediately after.

  7. Krishnamurthy

    Excellent for insomnia or r.l.s. Mellow bought a drift off into sleep!

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