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is a CBD-substantial mixture with powerful agony diminishing properties. Named for the twofold portion of CBD strain Harlequin in its hereditary qualities, Buy Harley Twin Strain is a cross between Harlequin and its subordinate Harle-Tsu.  Although Harley Twin Weed Strain likewise has moderate degrees of THC, Harley Twin Marijuana may not accompany a customary high and might be of better use to those with constant torment conditions.

Despite the fact that Harley Twin Stain’s belongings grab hold decently fast, they may not be promptly clear due to their decreased psychoactivity. In a casual set and setting with not many interruptions, smokers may see some slight changes in tangible observation including a bending of specific sights or sounds;

To a greater degree a remedially viable strain than a recreational one, Harley Twin Stain can likewise have a few applications for clinical cannabis patients. For one, it might remove the edge from side effects of pressure, gloom, tension, and even PTSD.

In adequately agreeable conditions and in sufficiently high portions, Harley Twin Stain may even neutralize a sleeping disorder, hushing smokers into a profound and soothing rest. Since it has a lower than normal danger of fanatical, jumpy reasoning, this strain is a decent alternative for patients who have a low THC resistance or who are inclined to freeze.

Tragically, seeds of Harley Twin Stain Marijuana have not been developed for business deal. Rather, those hoping to develop this therapeutic bud at home should search out clippings that can be encouraged as hereditarily indistinguishable “clones

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8 reviews for 25Gs Of High Quality Harley Twin $250

  1. Abelson

    The first two arrived. I ordered the third order before more than a week but has not arrived.
    I sent an email but the reply was slow.

    I received a replacement.
    As a result, it took 13 days from the order.
    The response after writing here was good and quick.

  2. Antoniou

    no problems for me. just ordered it and it arrived when it was meant to. what more do you want.

  3. Chaucer

    Another Nice Strain from Terrapin. Relaxed, Pain Free, Feeling Great 😎 Nice to Vape in my Boundless CFX while laying here watching the Flyers & MNF!

  4. Chesterton

    A bit disappointed with the strain myself.. As others mentioned the flavor is lacking and the smoke a bit harsh, a nice iced bong will cut this a bit though. For the price its not bad, but a pretty heavy stone. I wouldn’t recommend this for any one needing to get work done Lol. But for bed time it works well.

  5. Ebert

    I have a unique perspective on this flower, I think. I don’t smoke it, I decarb it and use it in tea. Because of that I spend a lot of time with the actual herb prepping it and comparing it to other flower I’ve used. So, let me tell ya about Candyland… It came well packaged and very discrete, no outward smell from the box and double bagged on the interior. The moment I opened the Candyland bag though I was hit with the terps. It smells like walking into a candy store, a fresh clean sugary candy smell hits you with the background of clean earth. I was so impressed I kept it as is for a couple of days so I could randomly open the bag and smell it! When I finally did break down and start decarbing I was further impressed. The flower was sticky and as you broke into it the candy smell filled the room. The flower sticks to your fingers nicely. (I don’t glove up since I’m the only one drinking my tea.) I decarb in a convection oven, so the smell fills the room. It maintains that same nice sweet earth backed smell through out the process and when done it is a beautiful golden color, and the buds remain sticky. I am pointing this out because other bud I have worked with does not decarb well, and I am VERY careful. So, it tastes earthy and smooth, without a harsh black-pepper bite that many hemp buds have. Trust me, cheap or badly grown hemp the main terpene is caryophyllene which isn’t bad, it has it’s purpose, but it can be an irritant so this was very refreshing. Now to effects: I take hemp for chronic pain due to arthritis in my neck, spine, hips, hands and shoulder. I used about a half gram in an 8 oz cup of tea. About half way into the tea you feel your muscles relax and the pain from inflammation recede. The effects last 6-8 hours with this stain, longer if you up the quantity used. You are clear headed, focused, and yet it doesn’t hit like exactly like a sativa, feels more like a hybrid. It is a great morning/all day strain.

  6. Galilei

    My favorite of all I want to get more but there is so many new ones available

  7. Gould

    Decent strain thats better for daytime use. Definitely has a unique but good smell(very clean lime scent). 4 stars due to rec price(Should be a 40-50$ 1\8th)

  8. Kendrick

    rainy day and some cherry d!

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