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Buy EGO Twist Vape Pen Online

Buy EGO Twist Vape Pen Online.  The EGO Twist battery allows you to adjust the output voltage between 3.2 and 4.8V by twisting the knob at the bottom of the battery device. So,different voltage outputs allows you to experience different flavors.

Main Benefits:

  • Refill your own juice, choose from hundreds of flavors!
  • Compatible with other vapes. You can switch batteries or change your atomizer top.


Control the power with variable voltage twist knob
Compatible with most vapes, parts and atomizers
Long lasting 1100mAh battery
510 and EGO Threaded
Holds 1.6ml of eliquid

EGO Twist Starter Kit Includes:

Rechargeable variable voltage battery
CE4 clearomizer tank
USB charging cable
Blister Packaging

*Mouthpiece drip tip color may be different and battery shade may slightly differ. not a Joyetech Product.

Ugo Twist battery USB Charge  eletronic cigarette eGo Twist Variable Voltage mt3 ce4 ce5 atomizer evod e cig vape pen 2 pcs/lot, 8 color  650mah 900mah.

Spring electrode

Micro USB

factory price


650/900MAH ego 5 pin ego usb passthrough

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7 reviews for Buy EGO Twist Vape Pen Online

  1. Oscar

    No problems at all whatsoever. Trustworthy business to trade with and very helpful customer service agents

  2. James

    Super impressed…..service is as it states. The quality reminds me of my 1st visit to Amsterdam 25years ago….thank God I’ve parked myself on the sofa all weekend watching sport lol.

  3. Calvin

    Relaxing and enjoyable. Very good.

  4. Derrida

    Super dank cbd flower

  5. Jonathan

    Terrapin has a WINNER with this……a smooth tasting smooth buzz flower. I have se n this by other brands at higher prices n not sure why. Terrapin has a lot of great products and along with Terra Vida have supplied us with HIGH CBD strains full effect tinctures n concentrates. So as usual I heated up my NEW ADDITION A DESK TOP Airizer extreme Q Vaporizer …all I can say is OH MY GOD a GOOD VAPORIZER is a GAME CHANGER. Ok so I did session at about 390* got nice clouds tasting fruity…..asI did this the pain melted away…but today has been a good day,.my pain hasn’t gone above 5 ….This has just taken it down to a 2 and listening to the BLUES Chanel I think soon I’ll be playing Now I’ll do 8 pulls of THE WIFE a HIGH CBD STRAIN You can feel the CBD hitting your head clearing away some of the THC fog, It’s been 15 minutes….this is a MIRACLE NO PAIN….AND WITHOUT PILLS!!! For those who know pain it can bring tears to your eyes As you can tell this strain is amazing, but I must say since getting the desk top unit Vaporizer….I never felt like this and I’m a child of Woodstock so this ain’t my first rodeo!!!!! I was on the line about vaping, but between the effects, the amount you save, and then u can use it to make edibles after makes it a WIN WIN WIN GET THIS STRAIN!!!!! Peace Voodoo thanks to Hoaquin at Terra Vida for recommendation of this for my pain….thank you all!!!! Thanks TERRAPIN!!!

  6. Goldman

    At 15% THC on my batch, Elphaba’s Bliss gave me a bit of a couchlock high without the sleepy effects. This made it a good daytime indica for me. Skunky, funky, smelly green shit 🤤

  7. Sidiq

    A strain with a back lineage the reads like royalty in the cannibas business. Chem DeLa Chem comes to us in PA through a company called PRIMEwellness distributed through Terra Vida dispensaries. ALL PRIME WELLNESS product is exceptional…though I will say how about giving us a little less BLING n less money spent on a over sized wasted plastic container that holds maybe 4 nice nuggets, now don’t get me wrong but first this it’s TOP NOTCH so 60-$70 for an 1/8…..sometimes DRY,So Times wet, either way how often is it 3.5 grams, The quality IS EXCEPTIONAL, the nuggets nice n hairy not smashed, put out great flavor, and effects. Again why use plastic which acts like a magnets to the hairs wrapped around the buds n sucks em to the plastic forever lost…CMON man at $60-70 for 3.5 grams…can we have that great product you grow???? Now to Chem de la Chem,,,,,,,ANYTHING I’ve gotten from PRIME Wellness s has been TOP TOP SHELF but with that comes THAT PRICe but also THAT high and GOOD MEDICINE, Thoguh considered a HYBRID it must be INDICA dominant as I’m melting into the couch. So I crushed a nugget size of a dime…warmed up to 329 n ready to start hitting for CBD, n low tem Terpenes….nice smooth tasty flavor….no cough…smooth return up temp to 340. For other Terpenes. All the time as I smoke this last bowl till later today,,,,I see as big sandwich in my mind, then a nice nap,,. NO CBD needed…I’ll use this buzzzz to get a power nap in!!!! This was a nice surprise!! Stay warm voodoo

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