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Buy EGO CE4 Vape Pen Online


Buy EGO CE4 Vape Pen Online. This is the most popular starter kit we have available.

We do home delivery all over,so contact f ro more information.

Grab some e-liquid and you’ll be good to go for under $20! The EGO CE4 starter kit comes in a TON of colors and comes with a rechargeable battery, refillable tank and USB charger.

This setup is cheaper than other vape pens and it doesn’t rely on pre-filled juice cartridges with limited flavors. Includes everything you need to start vaping, just add e-liquid and we have 150+ flavors!

The EGO vape pen starter kit is a rechargeable and refillable personal vaporizer kit. Just add a bottle E-Juice, we have tons of flavors to choose from to fill your atomizer or fill it with your own e-liquid flavors and concoctions.

This vape setup is more cost effective than the smaller disposable vape pens or the ones that need to be recharged after an hour and come with expensive prefilled cartridges. You will be enjoying a new level of vaping with the CE4 clearomizer when you can refill and mix your own e-juice ultimately saving you money!

The EGO CE4 Starter Kit includes everything you need to get started except the e-juice!

(Please check flavor compatibility with CE4 tanks as some e-juice and liquids can damage plastic tanks.

Main Benefits:


Warning: This battery and charger are for use with compatible charging outlets only. Incompatible use may cause risk of fire. Do not disassemble, overcharge, heat, or incinerate. Make sure use with correct rated devices.

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6 reviews for Buy EGO CE4 Vape Pen Online

  1. Alfred

    Top … Top seller.
    Items arrived next day, all present and very happy for items purchased.
    Thank you

  2. Bujold

    This is my second time ordering this flower. It’s very effective and tasty too!

  3. Aleister

    Very tasty and relaxing

  4. Emerson

    Let me tell my story about this strain… I was on day 4 of the flu and couldn’t keep nothing down, I also didn’t consume any THC for fear of dehydration. I was going to the store to buy more ginger ale and as I passed the dispensary I saw the parking lot full so I figured there was something good so I stopped and saw they had Brownie Scout I miss it EVERYTIME because I’m at work when they open but I was home sick and got to try it. I have a very high tolerance as my preferred method is dabs. I did 2 sessions with my dry herb vape and I was fucking high and immediately started to eat. I feel like a different person with Brownie Scout I think I might grab a few more eights

  5. Jean-Louis

    Space Monkey has me as high as a Chimpanzee Cosmonaut. Woke up on Monday morning with a lot of pain, so I thought I would give this a try. Eased the pain right away and had me up and moving. A very nice combination of body relaxing pain relief and cerebral euphoria.

  6. Matt

    Where to begin with this lovely strain.. as soon as I opened the jar I could smell the lemon and gas! The flower was slightly dry but Black Tie CBD states on their website that CBG flower could be a little more dry. I was going to wait and try this strain on it’s own but after opening the jar and seeing these beautiful buds A. I had to empty my grinder so I could try this one by itself or B. I could just grind it up and mix it with the Amnesia Haze I previously had grinded up.. I went with route B. I couldn’t have been more pleased with the combination. I highly suggest trying to mix this with some CBD flower as you get this wonderful entourage effect and wow it’s probably been about 2 hours since I vaped these two and I’m still feeling super relaxed, and all my pain wiped away, I’m feeling great. I am still able to work and don’t feel very slowed down at all, I actually feel more productive! I will really like to try this CBG dominant strain by itself just to see how the effects work by itself, but mixing with CBD flower I can say it definitely packs a strong punch as far as every ailment I feel my body has! I feel invincible.. of course I’m sure it effects everybody differently but this definitely stands out to me as one of my favorite strains. Customer service was A+, shipping was faster than intended. Nothing but great things with this company!!! I have read a bunch of reviews saying this could bring out creativity and I’m eager to play some guitar later after a nice bowl of this 🙂

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