Organic Chocolope Kush (Sativa)

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Buy Chocolope Kush Online.

Buy Chocolope Kush Online, also known as Chocolate Kush, is a sativa-dominant strain. These buds are very sticky with a slight aroma of vanilla they are grown with care in an all organic garden for your smoking pleasure! Works great for StressPain managementand Depression. This flower provides a happy and uplifting high. Try some in your cart today

Organic Chocolope Kush, also known as Chocolate Kush, is a sativa-dominant strain. These buds are very sticky with a slight aroma of vanilla they are grown with care in an all organic garden for your smoking pleasure! Try some in your cart today Provided by: Sea to Sky Flower Company

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6 reviews for Organic Chocolope Kush (Sativa)

  1. Scott

    I so meant to do this after my first order but, very rudely, completely forgot..
    My experience has been nothing short of fantastic – the service, communication, patience (I was a bloody nuisance with my endless questions questions!) helpful suggestions about strains that might relieve my rheumatoid arthritis pain, and, and, and… the chaps/chapesses (I know it’s not a word before I get reviewed for my review!) are lovely, generous with their time, and ALWAYS do exactly what they say they’re going to do…
    Thank you for, without fail, making me feel like a valued customer, and not the pain in the butt we know to be the truth!

  2. John

    Excellent product and service, would not hesitate in recommending this company to anyone

  3. Christie

    Are you kidding me?? This stuff is amazing. I just can’t believe it’s hemp flower not the real thing!!

  4. Edward VII

    This has a great smell right from the get go when you open the jar and the taste to go with it. Very high quality flower imo

  5. Gandhi

    This strain is personally my favorite strain ever. It helps me get right to sleep and stay asleep threw the whole night. It’s also great for anxiety, press and pain I love it I’ll always be a big fan of this strain. Sincerely, Thomas

  6. Grass


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