Buy Cannabis Peppermint Tea Bags Online

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Buy Cannabis Peppermint Tea Bags Online

Buy Cannabis Peppermint Tea Bags Online. These cookies are made fresh and with healthy ingredients so feel free to indulge in more then one if you’re a regular consumer of edibles. They make great gifts or can really spice up a party and make it a whole lot of fun!

CBD Rich Peppermint Cannabis Tea. (Lab tested, 100% organic and less than 0.2% THC)

Our Peppermint has all of the wonderful benefits from our other Cannabis Tea products but with 0.5grams of organic peppermint leaves added to each teabag it tastes like just like a peppermint tea. The added Peppermint also brings the extra benefits of alleviating bloating, helping digestions and calming the symptoms of hay fever.

A cup of Body and Mind Botanical’s Cannabis Tea has been shown to help people relax and unwind in the evening. It is also a fantastic was to start the day the right way.

We use the best selection of buds and leaves to ensure our tea tastes delicious and provides strong CBD.

Our strain of cannabis is high in CBD and contains below the legal maximum of THC (0.2%).

The Brew:

Beautiful aromatic natural flavourings brought to life in 90 oC water. Brew 1 pinch spoon of tea into a medium size mug for 20mins minutes before drinking and leave the leaves in for the duration of the drink. Many of our customers prefer to use a tea strainer and some like to mix with a flavoured green tea / fruit tea.


15g’s of Organic Cannabis Sativa buds and leaves, plus 5g’s of peppermint which is approximately 10 cups of tea. Leaves can be re-brewed but will lose flavour and usefulness eventually.


Consult your GP before taking dietary supplements.

Do not consume if pregnant or breastfeeding.

Typical daily dose: 1-2 cups per day

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7 reviews for Buy Cannabis Peppermint Tea Bags Online

  1. Avery

    Very good weed

  2. Akinola

    Beautiful smell and does just what it says.
    Thanks guys keep up the good work.. X

    The negative comment below annoyed me a bit. Not very constructive critism. I had a good experience and very discrete and I ordered Thursday got home after a long day at the office this really cheered me up X

  3. Burroughs

    I got one of each of these and love them all!

  4. Daniels

    I need some good weed

  5. Carl

    Great tasting indica

  6. Solange

    Hit the spot. Definitely a head change, very quick onset. Felt a slight euphoria. Overall great… relaxing af

  7. Keira

    Powerful taste and strong high, one of my favorites strains so far ! #420sweepstake

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