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Buy Apollo Haze Online Signal … paulgreen Apollo 13 consistently receives quite a bit of praise that has come to be expected with strains created by breeders Brothers Grimm. A cross between two of their other successful strains, P75 and Genius (a Jack Herer phenotype), this strain has a decorated lineage. Apollo 13 has the distinction of being especially rare as it is said that only 500 seeds came from the original stock and the few cuttings are the stuff of legend. This plant is less finicky than most and is often recommended for new grower. We Offer a pound at $1000. We ship worldwide, the delivery times depends on customer’s location. DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE FOR BULK ORDERS. Strains available: MENU Blue Dream Bd Hybrid GSC Hybrid OG Kush Hybrid Original Glue Hybrid White Widow Hybrid Pineapple Express Hybrid Trainwreck Hybrid AK-47 Hybrid Headband Hybrid Chemdog Hybrid Cherry Pie Hybrid Cheese Hybrid Mazar x Blueberry OG Hybrid Golden Goat Hybrid Platinum GSC Hybrid Tahoe OG Kush Hybrid Sherbert Hybrid Agent Orange Hybrid Mango Kush Hybrid Bruce Banner Hybrid Fire OG Hybrid LSD Hybrid Cinderella 99 Hybrid Lemon Kush Lk Hybrid Mazar x Blueberry Mzb Hybrid Dutch Treat Dt Hybrid Alien OG Ali Hybrid Lemon Skunk Ls Hybrid Animal Cookies Hybrid Jillybean Hybrid Tangerine Dream Hybrid White Fire OG Hybrid XJ-13 Hybrid Bubble Gum Hybrid Cotton Candy Kush Hybrid Banana Kush Hybrid Cannatonic Hybrid NYC Diesel Hybrid Wedding Cake Hybrid Holy Grail Kush Hybrid Sour OG Hybrid Chernobyl Hybrid Pineapple Kush Hybrid Larry OG Hybrid Sour Kush hybrid Gelato hybrid UK Cheese hybrid Space Queen hybrid Blue Diesel hybrid Juicy Fruit hybrid Lemon Diesel hybrid TrainwreckPurple hybrid Blackberry hybrid Kandy Kush hybrid Deadhead OG hybrid White Russian hybrid Purple Diesel hybrid Sister Glue hybrid Pink Kush hybrid Jack Frost hybrid Orange Crush hybrid Khalifa Kush hybrid Jet Fuel Jet hybrid Snowcap hybrid BananaStrawberry hybrid CreamCookies hybrid Banana OG hybrid Ghost OG hybrid Stardawg hybrid Dr. Who hybrid Black Jack hybrid Strawberry Kush hybrid Blue Widow hybrid Skunk No. 1 hybrid 707 Headband hybrid Blue Magoo hybrid SodaBlack Cherry hybrid Permafrost hybrid Grape God hybrid Snoop’s Dream hybrid OG 100 hybrid Golden Pineapple hybrid The White hybrid Red Dragon hybrid Lemon OG Kush hybrid Chemdog 4 hybrid KushBirthday Cake hybrid Harle-Tsu hybrid Mimosa hybrid Blueberry Diesel hybrid Grape Stomper hybrid Blueberry Haze hybrid Orange Cookies hybrid Pineapple Chunk hybrid Ogre hybrid Bruce Banner #3 hybrid Key Lime Pie hybrid HeadbandBlueberry hybrid SAGE hybrid Double Dream hybrid Cherry Kush hybrid Orange California hybrid Blue Cookies hybrid 3 Kings hybrid Black Widow hybrid Jack Flash hybrid Cherry AK-47 hybrid Dream Queen hybrid Purple Dream hybrid Cheese Quake hybrid Liberty Haze hybrid Dogwalker OG hybrid DieselStrawberry hybrid CheeseBig Buddha hybrid Blue Dragon hybrid Mendocino Purps hybrid Sour Tsunami hybrid Jean Guy hybrid CheesecakeBlueberry hybrid 24k Gold hybrid Nebula hybrid Blue Haze hybrid THC Bomb hybrid Pure Power Plant hybrid Sour Apple hybrid Grease Monkey hybrid DieselPurple Sour hybrid Orange Bud hybrid Super Blue Dream hybrid Bio-Diesel hybrid Mob Boss hybrid Sugar Cookie hybrid Hell’s OG hybrid Cali Kush hybrid G13 Haze hybrid Sour Grape hybrid Head Cheese hybrid Glass Slipper hybrid Phantom Cookies hybrid Lemon Drop hybrid Dairy Queen hybrid TrainwreckPineapple hybrid AK-48 hybrid Kimbo Kush hybrid Blue Hawaiian hybrid Chiesel hybrid Green Queen hybrid Tangerine hybrid Chronic hybrid Chemdog 91 hybrid Cherry Bomb hybrid Tangerine Haze hybrid Superglue hybrid CrackGod’s Green hybrid Cataract Kush hybrid Bubbleberry hybrid Kosher Tangie hybrid Qrazy Train hybrid Green Ribbon hybrid SherbetSour Banana hybrid Wonder Woman hybrid Ice Cream hybrid Burmese Kush hybrid Grapefruit Kush hybrid Alien Walker hybrid Royal Kush hybrid King Kong hybrid Critical Plus hybrid Black Tuna hybrid Master Yoda hybrid Honey Bananas hybrid Green Dream hybrid Goji OG hybrid Cherry OG hybrid Charlie Sheen hybrid Cannalope Kush hybrid Purple Gorilla hybrid Alien Rock Candy hybrid Champagne Kush hybrid Grape Kush hybrid Fortune Cookies hybrid Critical Jack hybrid Chocolope Kush hybrid Orange Haze hybrid Blue OG hybrid Canna-Tsu hybrid Scooby Snacks hybrid Huckleberry hybrid DieselGrapefruit hybrid Snow White hybrid Marionberry Kush hybrid Blue Rhino hybrid Killer Queen hybrid Apollo 13 hybrid Raskal OG hybrid Blue Crack hybrid Exodus Cheese hybrid Venom OG hybrid Middlefork hybrid Medicine Man hybrid OG Chem h Customers can select over 4 different strains per order for all orders above 1/4 pound Others are available upon client request.

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