Bota Hemp 250mg 15ml CBD Tincture Full Spectrum

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Bota Hemp tinctures are a perfect addition to your favorite juice or smoothie. You can also take them sublingually, fancy for under the tongue. Our pure, 100% pesticide free, non-gmo hemp oil is extracted from mature stalks and stems of the hemp plant.

7 reviews for Bota Hemp 250mg 15ml CBD Tincture Full Spectrum

  1. Isabella

    Trusted and delivers on time with no fuss!

  2. Agnew

    Good quick service,ordered the lemon gel and quite enjoyed it,will order again.

  3. Michelangelo

    Great price for some very tasty flower!

  4. Daley

    I get this strain every time I can and have been since 2015. Great Indica that leaves you couch-locked but not sleepy or overly stoned.

  5. Erdos

    In my top 3 for sure. This is flower is amazing for nighttime use or if you’re having anxiety. High thc content, perfectly trimmed, dense beautiful buds. 👍🏻👍🏻

  6. Charles de

    Live this critical Kush!

  7. Kevin

    get ready for a run thru the jungle

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